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    A Guide to New Windows for Your Home

    Shopping and preparing for a new window installation can often seem overwhelming. The size of a new window installation project depends on your window's damage, your budget, the style of your window, and the level of energy efficiency that you need.
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    New Window Installation

    A new window installation can keep your home beautiful | CC0 Public Domain /

    A beautiful new window installation can help your home sparkle and stand out from other houses in the neighborhood. Although some window projects can be expensive, homeowners should also take into account the monthly energy bill savings from energy efficient new windows. Homeowners who are searching for attractive, efficient, and fully-functioning new windows for their home should read on for more information.

    Repair or Replace?

    Before beginning a new window installation project, homeowners first should ask themselves a simple question: how badly are their current windows damaged? When the original or pre-existing window frames are still stable and solidly square, partial replacement pieces without a nailing flange are the ideal option. Without the large nailing flange attached, a partial new window installation becomes far easier to complete, saving homeowners time and money.

    If a window frame has become rotten or unsound, an entirely new window installation may be required. A new window installation often involves a new frame, a new sill, new jambs, and a new nailing flange to attach the window to the outside wall. Although new window installation for badly damaged windows can become slightly expensive, homeowners can often expect to recover as much as 60 percent of that same money invested, as a new window installation will boost their home's overall resale value.

    Types of Windows for Your Home

    Since windows come in many shapes and sizes, there are different factors to consider for every new window installation project. Outward-opening casement windows and awning windows provide great insulation, as their crank handles create tight seals around the entire window when closed. Gliding windows, single hung and double hung windows slide, making them ideal for patios or second-story decks. Fixed windows offer homeowners an unobstructed view without any unwanted drafts. Finally, windows with a bit of extra design flair, such as bay windows or skylights, can add a stylistic flourish to your rooms.

    An Energy Efficient New Window Installation

    When shopping for windows, look for phrases like Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), U-factor, and Visible Transmittance (VT). Each is rated on a scale of 0 to 1 (the lower the better). A window's SHGC measures how much heat from the sun a window can block, while its U-factor is used to rate overall energy efficiency by how much heat can pass through the window. A window's VT uses the same 0 to 1 scale to gauge how much sunlight can pass through the window.

    A Valuable Investment for Your Home

    There are sometimes as many as twenty windows on a single house, and so a beautiful set of windows is a serious investment. Whether you choose to install a sweeping bay window or an elegant fixed window, a new window installation can boost your home's energy efficiency and maintain its beauty.

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    Written by: Ryan Mchugh, Editor