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    The Prices for Window Curtains

    A window curtain is the perfect way to spruce up the appearance of your home. Because there are many different window curtain ideas, costs will vary by style.
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    The three main types of curtains are panel window curtains, café window curtains, and valances. Whether you're striving for a basic look or for something more complex and stylish, there's no shortage of window curtain ideas for your home. Read on for more window curtain ideas and to learn more about their prices.

    Window curtain ideas such as bold colors can create a focal point for your room. | © CC BY 2.0 / Solveig Osk

    Window Curtain Ideas

    Window curtains can often be a wonderful focal point for your room. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

    1. Go for color. Especially if the rest of your room is decorated with simple, neutral tones, a splash of blue or red in your window curtains can make a big difference.

    2. Stick with neutral tones. If you don't think that colorful curtains would fit with your room, try elegant floor length curtains in simple ivory or cream.

    3. Try window curtains in an outdoor space. Curtains aren't just for the interior; you can also use simple, sheer fabrics to add quiet luxury to an outdoor space such as a covered patio.

    4. Layer different materials. Try combining heavier fabrics with light sheer curtains in complementing colors such as blue and white, or, for those with bolder aspirations, red and sheer pink. This layering effect is an easy way to provide more shade and to create a bright and contemporary look.

    5. Combine curtains with blinds. For extra shade and privacy, try simple panel curtains paired with a set of blinds.

    Curtains can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. | © CC BY 2.0 / Day Donaldson

    General Prices for Window Curtains

    The costs for your window curtain ideas will vary by the type and material you choose. Due their simple, elegant appearance, velvet, silk, and linen are the best materials to bring your window curtain ideas to life. However, tweed and suede are also popular due to their ability to control heat flow.

    Lower-end panel window curtains will cost anywhere from $30 to $100. However, for homeowners with higher-end window curtain ideas, costs will be closer to $200 to $300. Café window curtains tend to range from $20 to $100 and up. Meanwhile, if full-length panel curtains aren't the best fit for your home, valances are available for $5 to $60.

    Repairs And Maintenance

    In order to ensure that your window curtain ideas fit with a smaller budget, upkeep and maintenance are very important. Basic cleaning will reduce the buildup of dust and grime, which will help your curtains last longer. Many window curtains can be machine washed, making routine maintenance much simpler. The best option when it comes to drying your curtains is a laundry line or a gentle dryer cycle. Keep in mind that some types of window curtains are not able to be machine washed, such as pleated curtains.

    As long as you make sure to keep your window curtains clean, you will avoid extra replacement costs in the future.

    Summary: Window Curtain Ideas for Every Home

    Making all of your window curtain ideas come to life can be a great way to complete your home's unique appearance. Whether your home is better suited for panel window curtains, café window curtains, or valances, there are plenty of window curtain ideas for any price range.

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