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    Door Repair Services for Your Home

    In the average home, there are easily between 10 to 15 doors, both interior and exterior. While closet, bathroom, and entry doors each serve very different purposes, all types of doors share one common factor: doors experience more foot traffic than any other area of the home. As a result, it's essential that each door receive the proper door repair or maintenance in order to remain in prime working condition.
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    Adjustments and issues with interior, exterior, and garage doors can be fairly small and easy to fix. However, the continual wear and tear from both weather and your home’s residents can cause any damage to escalate exponentially, increasing the overall cost of door repair. Read on to learn more about the general costs and needs for door repair.

    Costs for Door Repair

    The cost for repairing your door tends to vary, depending on the type of work needed. It’s best to tackle door repair as soon as the problem arises, in order to minimize costs. Homeowners can expect general door repair to cost anywhere between $250 and $850 or more.

    When to Repair Your Door Doors and doorways receive more use and abuse than any other area of the home. There are plenty of reasons for door repair: doors are often worn down by the force of the elements or by residents constantly opening and closing the door as they go in and out. In regions of the country that experience intense humidity, some doors will stick or shrink in their doorframe. To fix this problem, homeowners can hire a carpenter to adjust and trim the edging of the door, or to tighten and otherwise modify the door’s hinges for a snug fit.

    Additionally, gaps and decay in a door's weatherstripping—or other dents that could potentially loosen a door's seal—are another predominant reason for door repair. Although relatively small leaks or gaps in a weather seal aren't a serious problem, the longer these leaks go without a treatment, the more serious an issue they become. Often, gaps, leaks, and decay in your door can lead to significantly higher energy bills.

    Energy Efficient Door Repair Homeowners can also look to national programs such as the U.S. Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), which helps low-income families lower their energy consumption and costs through energy efficient repairs and upgrades in their homes. Additionally, homeowners can make energy efficient repairs or upgrades such as adding double-paned glass or an insulation core. This kind of door repair can be more expensive, and the costs vary depending on your contractor or manufacturer.

    A quality door protects your home from intruders, harsh weather, and other exterior elements. Because of the key role your door plays in your home, regular door repair and maintenance is extremely important to your home’s overall wellbeing. Without this upkeep, homeowners risk turning their home into an energy drain, wasting precious time and money. Whether a door has dents, gaps in its seal, or simply needs general maintenance on parts such as the hinges or the deadbolt, HomeAdvancement can help you find a contractor in your area to make door repair easy.

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    Written by: Adilson Dos Santos Jr., Editor