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    The Prices for Exterior Steel Doors

    Steel is a practical choice as an exterior door. Resistant to the elements, steel is often cheaper than most wood species, as it avoids much of the rot and decay to which wood is susceptible. Additionally, steel doors are often easy to paint and can be fashioned into intricate and creative designs, making it an elegant addition to the home. Thus, steel offers homeowners a cost-effective and tasteful option for exterior doors. Read on to learn more about the costs of cedar doors.
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    The Steel door is generally moderately priced. At their cheapest, steel doors can be as low as $160, and at their most expensive, $500 and up. Steel doors do not have as wide a variety of costs as many wood doors do and usually fall within this relatively narrow range.

    As with all doors, however, homeowners should count on extra costs. If your steel door has panel inlays or custom sizing, is handcrafted, or requires a special order from the manufacturer, expect your steel door price to increase by a few hundred dollars.

    Added Features for Steel Entry Doors

    The possibilities for your door are nearly endless. The steel door can arrive ready to be painted, and so it is easy to add color and character to your chosen door. Adding an arch design and panels to a steel entry door can add significantly to its elegance. Glass windows are also easy to install on most steel doors. Depending on their overall quality, these added features generally add $60-100 onto the final price tag.

    Energy Efficiency and Tax Credits 

    The steel door can dramatically increase your home's energy efficiency. The R-values of most steel doors are between R-5 and R-6, and a 1-1/2 inch thick steel door offers about five times the insulation value as a wood door of the same thickness. Windows detract slightly from a door’s R-value, but weatherstripping your steel door can further increase its energy efficiency. 

    Additionally, it is worth noting that many insurance companies will provide discounted rates to a house with a steel door. Companies do this because steel is generally more durable and secure than most wood species, and so it offers extra protection to your home. Some companies will offer anywhere from 2 to 15 percent discounts for devices such as a steel door that increase the safety of your home.

    Maintenance of Steel Doors

    In general, steel door require little maintenance. However, steel doors are also susceptible to dents and scratches. If scratches are not taken care of immediately, then they can lead to rust build-up. On average, the cost of making these common repairs is about $150. 

    Summary: A Durable and Energy Efficient Choice

    Though steel is expensive to repair, its outstanding energy efficiency makes it a great choice for the cost-conscious homeowner. A properly maintained steel door is a practical and economical choice for any home. Additionally, steel’s cheaper price tag does not deprive it of the elegance that wood doors offer. To find a steel entry door, get started today with HomeAdvancement’s easy links. 

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    Written by: Adilson Dos Santos Jr., Editor